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Writer's Script Guidelines

Writing by the Water


1. Fictional Character in Non Fictional “Real Life” mockumentary Day
in the Life episode.
2. Episode MUST be based around a HOME style monologue Narrative
Setting.(explain their day, morn/noon/evening)
3. Scripts MUST be 3 to 8 pages long (any longer is negotiable)
4. Episode MUST be MAX 10 minutes or less in length (open credits to
end credits)

Scope of Work

OffSet Web Series is an open platform and NON Profit program. This position is NON PAID. You will be writing a screen play episode ,within guidelines, and submitting the script to Once it has been submitted, our Producers per episode will evaluate the scripts and make a decision upon which will be chosen to be GREEN LIGHTED for production. If your script is chosen we will contact you via email. If additional drafts, changes or adjustments are to be made you will be working with the production team to see those through.


OffSet Web Series is all about helping the community shine! If your screenplay is chosen and scope of work is followed through, you will receive a screen credit at the beginning of the episode (and ending roll credit also). As well as, a shout out on our social media platforms and an IMDb Movie Credit as Screenplay Writer!

Submission DEADLINE

Submission deadline is April 20th 2024. All scripts can be sent to

If you agree to the Scope of Work terms please reply back saying, "I Agree". If you DO NOT reply back we will not accept your script submission.

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