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(Creator & Executive Producer)

Creator and visionary. G.I. Joe's positive mindset
and fun loving attitude has shaped the core values of OffSet Web Series. He was given an award from the NM Film and Television Hall of Fame in 2019 for his hard work and dedication to the community.

Khalid Naz

(Executive Producer)

Naz started with OffSet in 2021 as a Director. His
determination and light heartedness make for a great leader. He loves giving people the opportunity to shine.

Team: Team
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TJ Encinias

(Executive Producer)

TJ started with OffSet in 2018 as a crew member. Her involvement in this program has given her life again. She's very eager to help others achieve their project ideas and dreams.

Team: Team

Nick Meyers


 Music artist and community organizer aka Nick Fury was
an integral part of the curation process in the early days of OffSet.

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